Victoria Solar feed-in tariff cap limit approaching quickly

Update on Victoria Solar Feed-in Tariff, 1 September 2011: Deadline to have systems installed for the 60c/kWh rate is 30 September 2011. (Sign up for a free solar power quote comparison to see what deals are on offer in your area of Victoria right now. Our solar installers have fast lead-times.)

In a government meeting at the Victoria Department of Primary industries on Friday 5 August, it was foreshadowed that Victoria’s 100MW solar feed-in tariff scheme cap is fast approaching capacity. An announcement is expected in the near future. Those who successfully make the application cut-off will be eligible for a 60c per kilowatt hour feed-in rate; the most generous feed-in tariff in the country.

In May 2011, installed solar capacity under the Victoria solar feed-in tariff was reported to be about 70MW, with another 30MW of free capacity remaining for new solar customers to take advantage of the feed-in tariff. The number of solar installations has been steadily ticking over in the state, however, and word that it will soon wrap up has been appearing in the news.

Although this is on the surface bad news, the conditions in Victoria are expected to remain relatively sunny for solar power. Victorian government is forward-thinking and arguably the ‘greenest’ state in Australia, and the solar industry is anticipating a relatively soft landing once the feed-in tariff incentive scheme hits capacity.

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Written by James Martin

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