Western Australia’s Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Electric car plugged in outside house

In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of traditional transportation, the push towards electric vehicles (EVs) is gaining significant momentum. Western Australia (WA) is taking a proactive stance in this shift with its Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants program, an initiative that not only supports the adoption of EVs but also contributes to the development of necessary infrastructure.

What is the Charge Up Program?

The Charge Up Program, backed by the WA Government, is a visionary approach towards building a sustainable future. With a generous grant of $15 million, the program aims to co-fund approximately 50% of the costs associated with installing electric vehicle chargers at workplaces​​.

The Acceleration of Round 2

The program has recently launched its second round, which not only continues the support for the installation of chargers but also introduces faster direct current (DC) chargers, capable of up to 350kW. This development marks a significant upgrade in the infrastructure, catering to the rapidly evolving EV market. This round, spanning from November 4, 2023, to May 3, 2024, earmarks $12.5 million in grant funding specifically for small and medium businesses, local government authorities, and not-for-profit organizations​​.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure a broad and impactful reach, the program has set inclusive eligibility criteria:

  • Small businesses (defined as having less than 20 employees)
  • Medium businesses (with 20 to 199 employees)
  • Not-for-profits registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission
  • Local government authorities

Application Process

Applying for the Charge Up grants is a streamlined process. Applicants are advised to start by reading the detailed Applicant Guide and the Grant Guidelines. They must obtain quotes for the necessary hardware and software from an approved list provided by the program. An interactive spreadsheet is also available to assist in selecting the appropriate options. Once ready, applications can be submitted through an online portal​​.


The Charge Up Workplace EV Charging Grants program is a clear indication of WA’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and embracing renewable energy sources. By supporting the installation of EV chargers in workplaces, this program is not only facilitating the transition to electric vehicles but also fostering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to transportation. This initiative is a commendable step towards a greener future, setting a precedent for other regions to follow.

Jeff Sykes