NSW Government’s EV Charging Grants for Strata Apartments Explained

The Electric Vehicle Ready Buildings Grant, managed by the NSW Government, is designed to support the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure in residential strata apartment buildings in NSW. Key aspects of this program are:


To encourage EV adoption among apartment residents, create model EV-ready buildings, provide equitable EV charging access at home, boost rental property appeal, and ensure comprehensive EV charging coverage in NSW.


Open to registered residential strata schemes in NSW that are class 2 (10+ units with private off-street parking). Exclusions include wholly commercial strata schemes, non-registered residential strata schemes, non-class 2 buildings, buildings with fewer than 10 units, or those with 4+ chargers already installed.

Funding Stages

The grant has two stages. Stage 1 involves co-funding feasibility assessments for EV charging installation, with applicants contributing $2000. Stage 2 co-funds the installation of EV charging infrastructure, covering 80% of retrofitting costs (up to $80,000 per application) and 50% of software subscription costs for 2 years (up to $1,200 per application). It includes upgrades like load management systems, electrical cabling, and switchboards.

Application Process

Applicants must follow a step-by-step process involving reading guidelines, checking eligibility, and applying for stage 1 before progressing to stage 2. Each site requires a separate application, and specific eligibility criteria must be met for each stage.

Assessment Criteria

Stage 2 applications are evaluated based on the cost, value for money, building type, infrastructure design, applicant capabilities, and user experience.

Application Submission

Applications must be submitted via the NSW Government’s online grant management system, SmartyGrants. The entire application must be completed for successful submission.

Post-Submission Process

Applications are assessed by the NSW Government, and successful applicants are notified of the outcome.


For further information and assistance with the grant application process, applicants can visit the Energy NSW website or contact the designated email address.

Jeff Sykes