Solar Panels and trees: both share an affinity for the sun…

The Solar Choice blog is full of good advice. We have written about how to orient your solar panels, how to determine what size system you’ll need, how much you might expect to earn or save through government solar power incentives (feed-in tariffs and RECs) with a solar PV system, and how to troubleshoot electricity production issues with your system, plus a number of FAQs about related topics. Recently we came across a satellite photograph demonstrating something you might want to keep in mind when you install an array on your roof: Trees have a tendency to grow over time!

When these panels were originally mounted, the trees now causing problems may have been mere saplings. A clear reminder to keep an eye on your trees so that they don’t sneak up on your solar power array.

shaded solar array
Solar photovoltaic arrays don’t do much good if the sun never manages to reach them…

Written by James Martin, image stumbled upon by Alex Chiddy

James Martin II