Dapcor Building Services Installs 20kW Solar System

Dapcor Building Services was established in Sydney as a family company in 1974. Since their foundation they have been a trusted building partner for more than 5,000 projects across Australia.

In mid-2021 Solar Choice were approached by one of Dapcor’s Project Managers to help investigate the feasibility of solar at their Botany Head Office.

Once an appropriate system size had been established Solar Choice helped manage a tender process across a number of local pre-vetted installation companies suitable for the jobs requirements.

Upon a full evaluation from Dapcor and through Solar Choices independent advice a decision was made and winning bidder selected.

Seeing how great the benefits were for the company, 2 of Dapcor’s employees proceeded with a solar installation from the same provider.

The  commercial installed system features 43 x 455w LONGi solar panels and a 15kw SunGrow inverter and is expected to save the company around $3,000 per year in energy costs.

Matt Lasauce