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G&A Martin Solar are your local solar experts for Solar Panels, Tesla Roof and Powerwall Battery, serving Port Macquarie and Mid North Coast NSW. Established 30+ years ago, our services include commercial and residential solar, battery and electrical work.


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1st August 2023
NSW - 2439
6kW system

Installer Comments

Our installation comprises panels and inverter installed on and in a large farm shed, with the inverter connected back to the house main switchboard via an underground cable of approx 150m length. The Battery is installed at the house adjacent the main switchboard. Our property is all electric other than vehicles and most farm machinery. Well documented quote, no outlandish performance claims, well planned work, good quality of work. Over-all happy with their installation and setup. Patient in taking an older person through the running of the system and the applicable apps. Even set up our phones apps so we could track what the system does. SYSTEM PERFORMANCE perform as quoted, except in winter where mounting angle is to my mind more critical. The mounting angle is very important for energy generation. Ours are mounted on a frame on our big farm shed, parallel to the roof. This is not the optimal angle according to REC specifications, so our energy production is down slightly in winter over design specification. I agreed to the lower angle of installation as panels blend in nicely with the shed roof and the surrounding land, rather than sticking up as an eye sore. In summer on clear days the system generates peak output of 5.5kW until battery charged and then pulls down to the maximimum we can export in our area of 4.5kW minus 0.5Kw just to be safe. In fact, even cloudy days provide performance of over 70% peak output, depending on the cloud base.

Solar Panel - REC


Perform well. Clients need to be aware that angle of installation as well as compass points can make a large difference to output of panels. More so in winter.

Solar Inverter - Fronius


A little bit noisy in operation, especially when starting up at the start of daylight and closing down at the end of the day. Otherwise excellent. Note that I was aware of this issue - noise- (from reading reviews and owner comments), but as system is installed in/on a large farm shed, it does not intrude on house with the noise generated.

Battery - Tesla


we purchased a Tesla as they were available unlike my first choice (in early 2022). Unit is nicely packaged and integrates well with the Fronius Inverter. The app that lets us track what is happening provides the info I require when I check it out each day. As a retired Electrical Engineer I'm happy so far.

25th April 2023
NSW - 2430
3kW system

Installer Comments

professional and freindly

Solar Panel - Trina


dont know yet

Solar Inverter - Sungrow


dont know yet