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22nd May 2023
SA - 5007
8kW system

Review left 7 years after system installed

Installer Comments

Living Energy was recommended by a workmate who had a system installed by them. They were very enthusiastic about the solar industry & this passion meant they were up to date with the latest developments. Ben’s communication was excellent, they explained everything clearly & backed it up with superior modelling & facts. I wasn’t going to choose the installer on price alone, the performance of the system was first & foremost the most important aspect as I wanted to future proof it as much as possible. I have recommended Living Energy to neighbours only recently & I’m pleased that they received the same diligent service as I had experienced some years back. The system has stood the test of time and has performed faultlessly.

Solar Panel - LG


The LG panels have delivered the output as predicted in spite of not being ideally orientated.

Solar Inverter - Enphase


Because of the less than ideal orientation of the solar panels I decided to have Enphase micro-inverters installed on each panel so that each panel operated at the optimum output independently of shading etc of other panels in the system unlike systems where panels are installed in a “string”

Battery - Tesla


Installing a Tesla battery a couple of years back completed the “loop” in the system by storing excess production that is drawn on once the sun goes down. This coupled with retailer Energy Locals plan has seen our energy costs go down to the lowest they have ever been