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At Solbase, our experienced team of installers, engineers and solar consultants will make the transition to solar a simple one and assist you every step of the way. Our team will provide you with the best quality solar power solutions that are backed by a 10-year workmanship warranty so your greener decision will reduce your energy bill and give you peace-of-mind long into the future.

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Level 1, 5 George Street, North Strathfield NSW, 2137 Suite 250, 139 Cardigan St, Carlton, Vic 3053

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15th August 2023
NSW - 2537
10kW system

Installer Comments

An excellent company. We had some minor issues as I wasn't in attendance when the panels were put in place and I was informed that they stated putting them in the wrong position but they rectified this themselves. I've also not managed to link the system to my phone but this is a minor matter. It works well and is what we wanted for a fair price. It was installed ahead of time and the communication was, in general, good.

Solar Panel - Jinko


Good. Does the job. Early days but all appears to be working as required.

Solar Inverter - Solis


Excellent for a single phase system.

7th July 2023
ACT - 2617
10-15kW system

Installer Comments

The Solbase process was great. Dan did a lot of work to provide advice and to manage costs, and the installation team were very professional. We installed a 13 kW system anda 9.6 kWh battery, which we have now expanded to 16 kWh because the system is generating above winter expectations. Every step was on time, and the battery expansion was done quickly because it was inside work on a wet day, so done ahead of time when the opportunity arose. Good comms throughout, and no performance problems so far. They also installed an EV charger, which is functioning well.

Solar Panel - Jinko


Works efficiently in the winter sun

Solar Inverter - Sungrow


No problems so far, and the app is exactly what we need. There was a glitch initially when a firmware update misfired. Solbase immediately had a tech on site who fixed the problem immediately. No further issues.

Battery - Sungrow


All perfect so far. Software prioritises battery charge.

Installation Photos

1st June 2023
NSW - 2760
5kW system

Installer Comments

Solbase incorrectly installed the system. I already had a 5kw system with a battery and wanted to double that in size. Solbase instead of joining the two systems and having them run in parallel they installed it as a totally different system. I have been fighting with them for the last 3 months to correct it and all I get out of them is rubbish. They present a number of options that do not have the two systems running in parallel which is frustrating. I have lodge a formal complaint with Fair Trading and if need be I will have another firm correct the installation and hit Solbase with the bill. They are a fly by night firm, stay well away from them.

Solar Panel - Trina


Not a bad brand.

Solar Inverter - Growatt


Not been installed for long but the problem I have with Growatt is they do not like talking to end users. They prefer to talk to installers only. I presented them with my problem and I got three different answers and two of those were from the same technical support engineer.

Battery - Growatt


It would have been better if the installers stacked the 6 modules on top of one another as instructed but they did two stacks of three for each system. Growatt told me that there should never have been the two systems and then they said 4 modules in one stack and 2 in the other stack. This was the same technical support engineer as mentioned above.