Adare Poultry Farm installs 200kW across 2 farms

Adare Poultry farm - tallaringa road 200kW


A new poultry farm has been built in Adare during 2021 and is now powered by 200kW of solar panels.

Solar Choice have partnered with Santrev, Australia’s leading poultry shed builder, to help the poultry sector capitalise on the power of the sun. The sheds for the Adare poultry farm were constructed by Santrev and Solar Choice designed the solar solution and managed a tender process to find a competitive installer in South East Queensland.

The installed system includes two separate 100kW systems, split across separate electricity meters, to capitalise on the federal STC rebate. The installed systems feature 450 watt Canadian Solar panels with an Israeli-engineered SolarEdge inverter solution with power optimisers.

The project will generate around 330,000 kWh per year and will abate approximately 340 tonnes of C02 emissions p.a.


Jeff Sykes