Australian Energy Regulator advises of 20-30% electricity price increases on the way

AEMC fast-tracks electricity market rules

This morning the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has announced that most states will be facing a price increase of 20 to 22 percent while Victorian consumers are looking at an increase of over 30%. In Victoria this would mean a typical household bill would rise from $1,403 to $1,829 per year.

AER Chair, Clare Savage, stated that the default rate that is offered to electricity customers would have risen by around 40-50% if it wasn’t for the interventions the government made last year to cap pricing the the coal and gas markets.

This decision from the AER will also affect small business customers who can expect a price increase of 15% to 25% depending on their region.

This has been covered by Channel 9 News in the lead up to the decision with expert commentary from Solar Choice CEO Jeff Sykes:

Solar power remains Australian residents’ best defence against rising home electricity costs with the price of solar remaining close to all time lows.


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    There are other makers who are much better.

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