Australian Clubs choosing solar power, with help from Solar Choice

Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub install 80kw solar system

Why clubs are suitable for Solar Power

With energy prices now rising dramatically in the current market, organisations with the biggest potential to generate cost savings through solar power typically experience both high energy consumption and have large uncovered roof space.

Through analysing the energy consumption of many Australian Clubs, Solar Choice regularly identifies several energy-intensive operations including air-conditioning, refrigeration, gaming and lighting all of which contribute to large and growing energy bills. Additionally most Clubs’ normal opening hours match the time where a solar PV array can generate the most power, meaning a large amount of an energy bill can be offset. Plus Clubs are open 7 days a week, which means the benefits of solar aren’t limited to normal business days.

As Club managers serve their members, they are usually proud to lead the way in switching to sustainable energy sources, providing both a positive story for their target community and a financial outcome for Club owners.


How Solar Choice can help

Solar Choice is a 100% free & impartial service to customers that has been operating since 2008. Clubs enjoy the fact that they can deal with one point of contact that is on their side to get impartial advice on the whole industry.

By examining a client’s energy profile, site & location variables, and then listening to their financial goals, Solar Choice is able to calculate the size of commercial solar power installation most appropriate for the client and also map a time-line for realising untapped potential in the clients’ energy consumption habits and firmly articulate the business case for adoption.

Solar Choice then utilises its unique position at the hub of the Australian solar energy industry to broker both leading technology and value in solar procurement from a network of over 100 of Australia’s most proficient, prominent and competitive solar power installation companies.

For a free and impartial analysis of the potential benefits of Solar for your business and to discuss your immediate steps to fully evaluate this, please contact or 0468 611 665.

Australian Clubs participating in Solar Choice Group Tenders

The below is a list of some Australian Clubs that have proceeded with solar after using Solar Choices services to assist their journey:

Strathfield Council Library & Innovation Hub install 80kw solar system

  • Halekalani Bowling Club (100kW)

  • Blacktown RSL (100kW)

  • Alpha Hotel Eastern Creek (100kw)

  • Euston Bowling Club (99kW)

  • Blacktown Sports Club (99kW)

  • Blacktown Workers Club (99kW)

  • Club Sapphire, Merimbula (94.75kW)

  • Rules Club Wagga (75.75kW)

  • Crescent Head Country Club (50kW)

  • St George Hotel (50kW)