100kW solar panel installation project for Cockburn Ice Arena

In 2015 Solar Choice Commercial began discussions with Cockburn Ice Arena on a potential 100kW system for their property in Bibra Lake, WA.

Our detailed business case analysis demonstrated the positive financial impact the project could make to Cockburn Ice Arena.

The competitive tender went to 4 highly competent installers in the area ensuring our client got the best price and ensuring the solution matched their needs.

The project went ahead in 2015 to install a 100kW Solar PV array and was also designed to capitalise on government subsidies available through the generation of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), which remain as an incentive for small to medium businesses.

With the Arena being located in a warm climate and having to use energy intensive equipment to keep the rink operational, electricity bills are a substantial part of the Arena’s operating costs. As such, the company has been able to utilise solar to offset this usage.

Solar Choice continues to work with the energy-intensive Club’s & Arena’s as the importance of exploring sustainable ways to reduce energy costs is increasing.