100% Renewables celebrates solar BBQ success

Solar-powered homes across the country were the setting for Australia’s first ever Summer Solar BBQs. Attended by MPs, councillors and local solar installers, as well as solar owners and members of the wider community, the events celebrated the popularity of solar in Australia and the benefit it brings to households.The BBQ’s were organised by the national renewable energy campaign, 100% Renewable, and hosted by local solar owners.

Data released by SunWiz, through 100% Renewable, shows the number of households that now have solar power or solar hot water systems installed on their homes by electoral ward. This information was presented to MP’s in order to draw their attention to just how popular solar PV has become in Australia and, to encourage them to make more solar friendly decisions. One MP who would have received the data was Steve Gibbons, Member for Bendigo, who has 11,446 homes in his ward who have either solar PV or solar hot water installed.

The strong presence of solar technology in Bendigo, as well as other electorates, contributes towards the 1.5 million households across the country who have chosen to take back control of their energy bills by installing residential solar PV systems.


Dan Tehan, Member for Wannon, with members of the Portland Sustainability Group

As well as the BBQ in Bendigo, many other solar owners and groups held events. Members of the Portland Sustainability Group were successful in attracting the attention of their local MP Dan Tehan, Member for Wannon, where  7,304 households (and growing) have installed solar PV or solar hot water systems. National Coordinator for 100% Renewable, Lindsay Soutar, stated:

“The price of solar has dropped so much that people now see that it’s cheaper to get their electricity from a rooftop system than it is to buy from the grid”

100% Regional Organiser, Janet Dearden, pictured below with LNP Candidate for Fairfax, Ted O’Brien, stated:

“Millions of people across Australia are taking control of generating electricity into their own hands, and doing their bit for the environment at the same time. We thought that was worth celebrating”

Ted O'Brien - LNP

100% Regional Organiser, Janet Dearden, with LNP Candidate Ted O’Brien

Lindsay Soutar, National Coordinator for 100% Renewable, highlighted the importance of politicians making a clear statement regarding solar PV and rising energy bills.

“In this election year we know people will be looking to see which politicians are going to help them manage their energy bills, we look forward to working with local members to ensure that every Australian can have solar panels on their rooftop.”

Ordinary Australians are the biggest renewable energy investors in the country, with $8 billion of household money invested in solar alone. This investment, from households looking to take control of their energy bills, has resulted in the total capacity of rooftop solar in Australia doubling, on average, every year for the past 5 years. As a country, Australia now has over 2,200 megawatts of clean energy generating capacity just on the country’s rooftops.

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Images via 100% Renewable

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