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Backup power with home solar battery storage: What are your options?

by James Martin II on 7 February, 2018

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Home battery storage is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and one of the most in-demand features is backup power, which provides electricity to a home even when the grid is down. In this article we take a look at the main approaches to battery storage that you’ll come across as you shop around for a system, as well as some of the considerations a shopper should keep in mind.

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Not all home battery storage systems provide backup power

We should firstly let our readers know that having batteries in your home does not necessarily mean having backup power functionality. Even for simple grid-connected solar PV systems, when the grid goes down, the power goes out – mainly for the safety of people working on the downed lines. Some solar inverters may allow you to tap into the the solar energy your panels are producing, but unless specifically included in your sales contract or other documentation, this is usually not the case. Read the full article →

James Martin II

James Martin II

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