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Formed in 2011, AC Solar Warehouse is a specialist wholesaler of AC solar products and a champion of the use of microinverters and microinverter-integrated solar modules in Australia. The company is Australia’s largest Enphase distributor, and its two co-founders each boast 30+ years of electrical and solar engineering experience between them.

What is AC solar?

Most solar PV systems consist of solar panels, which sit on your roof, and a central inverter, which usually sits at ground level. The solar panels produce DC (direct current) electricity, which the inverter transforms into grid and appliance-friendly AC (alternating current) electricity.

The technology genre known as ‘AC solar’ is comprised of devices which convert the DC electricity to AC at the module level. Generally speaking, this means one of two things: Microinverters mounted on the racking next to the solar panels, or integrated into the modules themselves to create ‘AC solar modules’. In both instances, a central inverter is not required.

What are the benefits of AC solar?

There are a number of potential benefits to getting an AC solar system as opposed to a system that uses a centralised string inverter. These include:

  • Higher electricity yields from your panels, especially where partial shade or complicated roofs are an issue;
  • Greater return on investment;
  • Lifetime system monitoring – with the option for high-resolution monitoring of the performance of individual modules; and
  • Reduced fire risks – AC electricity is inherently safer than DC.

From an installer’s perspective, AC solar systems are also easier to design and install, thanks to their flexible nature and forgiving specifications. And because of the high granularity of the monitoring, troubleshooting issues is often more straightforward than with a conventional string inverter system.

AC solar warehouse teamWhy AC Solar Warehouse?

AC Solar Warehouse was Australia’s first AC solar specialist wholesaler, and its founders claim that it remains the best distributor of AC solar products as well. Among its claims to fame are:

  • Enphase is the largest microinverter manufacturer in the world, and AC Solar Warehouse is the largest distributor of Enphase products in Australia. Their long experience means that they fill Enphase orders quickly and accurately – and can be on hand to help with technical details as well.
  • The company has distribution centres in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne – and are able to quickly and efficiently distribute goods to all of Australia and New Zealand.
  • AC Solar Warehouse founders Grant Behrendorff and David Smyth are qualified electricians, engineers and solar installers and each have in excess of 30 years of experience in the electrical industry. All of their sales and support staff also have experience in the solar industry.
  • AC Solar Warehouse’s customer retention rates are the highest in the industry – thanks in great part to sophisticated logistics planning, quality staff and highly responsive customer support. Staff are on call 24-7, and customers have access to all of AC Solar Warehouse’s custom-developed documents and tools for training, system design and installation.

What brands do they stock?

  • Enphase
  • Altenergy Power Systems (APS)
  • BenQ Solar
  • Radiant
  • Clenergy

AC solar warehouse officeAC Solar Warehouse contact info

AC Solar Warehouse has distribution centres in Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.


Phone: 1300554467

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