Enphase microinverters in Australia

Enphase was the world’s first microinverter manufacturer, having pioneered the technology as a solution to some of the typical problems and inefficiencies that afflict solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Since its founding in 2006, Enphase has shipped millions of units globally, recently expanding its presence to Australia, where microinverters are steadily gaining notoriety and popularity amongst industry players and customers alike. Enphase microinverter technology is now in its 3rd generation, and the company remains a leader in the field.

What is a microinverter?

Microinverters are the next-generation of solar system technology. Whereas the far more prolific, conventional systems have only 1 centralised inverter for the entire solar panel array, microinverter systems couple a microinverter with each solar panel. Systems that use microinverters have a number of potential advantages over conventional systems in terms of system design flexibility, ease of installation, installation costs, and system power yields. Accordingly, such systems are growing in popularity, numbers, and affordability.

Some of the general advantages of a microinverter system over a conventional system include:

-Greater system power yields, especially in cases of partial shading of the solar panel array compared to conventional systems that have ‘strings’ of solar panels


The microinverter advantage in partially shaded conditions. (Click to enlarge. Image via Enphase Energy.)

-Remove potentially more dangerous outgoing high-voltage DC electricity associated with conventional solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

-Individual solar panel power production can be monitored in detail–greater peace of mind for system owners and greater ease in troubleshooting in the event of a problem

Microinverters can also be integrated into solar panels themselves instead of attached to mounting (a “detached” arrangement). Installation of systems that are comprised of these “AC solar modules” is considerably more straight-forward than the panel+microinverter set-up. Enphase Energy’s AC Solutions division works with solar panel manufacturers to develop and manufacture AC solar modules that incorporate Enphase’s microinverters. Panel manufacturers that Enphase has collaborated with in the US to date includes Kyocera, Hanwha, Sharp, and Shuco.

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The Enphase microinverter solution: Points of difference

Enphase Energy bills its microinverter solution as “The world’s most advanced inverter technology system”. Already on the forefront of solar PV technology as a microinverter manufacturer, the company aims to ensure that it provides end-users with a product that not only promises the generic benefits of a microinverter system, but also a more interactive and informative user experience than most conventional systems specific to Enphase’s technologies. Systems that use Enphase microinverters are also arguably easier to install than conventional systems–a bonus for system installers themselves.

Enphase Microinverters CarportEnphase Energy microinverters were used in this solar carport in Tempe, Arizona, USA. (Image via Enphase.)

Features that distinguish the Enphase microinverter solution from others include:

World-leading efficiency: 95.4% EU efficiency rating, 99.3% dynamic MPPT efficiency

Innovative cabling and cable connectors for improved system installation speed and ease–cutting installation time and associated costs

10 year warranty on Enphase microinverters in Australia

The Enphase ‘Envoy Gateway’ provides data about individual solar module and inverter performance–either on-site with its LCD display or via the company’s ‘Enlighten’ online software platform. This data can then be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection–including mobile devices–and used for monitoring, electricity load management, system troubleshooting, or even promotional and educational purposes.


Enphase microinverter technology system: 1) Microinverter, 2) Envoy Gateway, 3) Enlighten Software. (Image via Enphase.)

Download: Enphase M215 Microinverter Datasheet

About Enphase Energy

Headquarters: Petaluma, California, USA

Australian distributors: RFI Solar & AC Solar Warehouse

Enphase Energy also has offices in the UK, France, Italy, New Zealand, and China

Manufacturing facilities: Shenzhen, China

History in the solar industry: Enphase Energy was the first commercial manufacturer of microinverters in the world, and has worked continually to improve its products since production began. The company was formed in 2006 by Martin Fornage and Raghu Belur with the intention of finding a solution to many of the problems associated with conventional solar system inverters. The company has shipped millions of units since it began manufacturing in 2008. Enphase microinverters have recently become available in Australia.

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  1. On checking the CEC approved micro inverter list the Emphases M250
    Is listed but does not meet AS4777.2.2015 standard.
    As I reside in NSW Essential Energy will not approve any inverter which does not comply.
    Is this non compliance correct

    Please Advise

    Mike Thomas

    1. Hi Michael,

      I’ve reached out to Enphase about this, who have responded as below:

      With the new AS4777 coming in to effect on October 9, we will only have the S-series micros and Envoy-S Metered approved for new installations. The oval shaped Envoy and M215 and M250 will no longer be compliant from October 9 onwards, but are compliant for installation before this date.

      For applications with an expected installation of October 9 or after, please use the S230 or S270 with the Envoy-S Metered.

  2. Why ….

    1. Would a sane person purchase a product made in China ?

    This is based on quality control experiences.

    2. After sales service is a core issue with any warranty program .

    How many staff are employed in this area, who can vouch for their responsiveness ?

    1. Hi Bob,

      I’ve reached out to the Enphase team directly to get answers to your questions. Their responses are as below:

      1. It is not prudent to generalise the quality control capabilities of an entire nation. It is a well known fact that many reputable brands manufacture quality products in China, the most obvious being Apple. In terms of quality control, we work very closely with the team at Flextronics and have our own staff situated in the factory. All the automated processes are monitored directly by Enphase Headquarters and our reliability testing is far advanced from other manufacturers in the solar industry – Enphase is a high-technology company operating in the solar space. The truth is, most of the products that sane people buy are made in China because people place such a high value on price. Leveraging the manufacturing capabilities of Flextronics – one of the world’s leading high-tech contract manufacturers, while still maintaining control over the quality has allowed Enphase to offer competitive pricing and grow at the rate we have.

      2. For the APAC region we have 5 dedicated staff to technical support and training. We pride ourselves on providing real time local support for our installer base across the region, and we consistently get glowing feedback from people who are shocked at how good Enphase technical support is compared to the rest of the industry. When you call Enphase support, our routed-support line means someone picks up in about 30 seconds and you’ll be speaking with an engineer. This is quite unique and something we are delighted to offer our installers – and any one of them will vouch for our responsiveness. As an Enphase installer, you really do have the Enphase team right behind you.

  3. it’s a great initiative by the enphase manufacturer. it is good for home use. I would like to say thanks for sharing this informative review.

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