AKASOL’s neeoQube & neeoSystem: Solar energy storage solutions for Australian homes & businesses

AKASOL is a German manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and grid-connect energy storage solutions whose ‘neeo‘ line of solutions has recently become available on the Australian market. The company’s neeoQube unit is a compact 5.5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) device suitable for increasing energy independence for the average home, while the neeoSystem is a scaleable solution for use in homes or businesses with larger electricity needs. Both are distributed exclusively in Australia by wholesaler Solar Energy Australia.

AKASOL’s energy storage product lines in Australia

neeoQube: A simple energy storage solution for homes

The neeoQube is a compact, high-performance lithium-ion battery system with an energy storage capacity of 5.5kWh (or 11kWh with 2x units connected in parallel), a 10 year standard warranty and a service life of up to 20 years. The neeoQube is intended for use in grid-connected solar PV systems, but also provides back-up electricity in the event of a blackout. It is compatible with SMA inverters.

Download a spec sheet: neeoQube (pdf)

neeoQube dimensions

neeoQube dimensions

neeoQube with SMA

neeoQube and SMA inverter

neeoQube SMA

neeoQube architecture with SMA inverter

Video overview of how the neeoQube works

neeoSystem: A scaleable energy storage system for home & business

The neeoSystem solution is comprised of one or more neeoQube unit in an expandable neeoRack cabient with a storage capacity ranging in increments of 5.5kWh from 5.5kWh to 27.5kWh – or as much 137kWh with a parallel connection. The neeoSystem is compatible with SMA inverters and will well-suited for homes or businesses with above-average or growing energy storage requirements. The neeoSystem is intended for use in grid-connected solar PV systems, but also provides back-up electricity in the event of a blackout.

Download a spec sheet: neeoSystem (pdf)

The neeoSystem has a capacity range of 5.5kWh to 27.5kWh. Depending on initial size, capacity can be extended to meet growing storage demand.

neeoSystem architecture

neeoSystem architecture with SMA inverter

neeoSystem large

Detail of the larger neeoSystem cabinet, which can contain up to 5x neeoQube units.

neeoQube & neeoSystem: Points of difference

  • Standard warranty life of 10 years, with a service life of up to 20 years
  • 5000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge (DoD) – some of the highest figures in the field
  • High power ratings, meaning high instantaneous power output for seamless operation
  • Integrated battery management, including:
    • Deep discharge protection (prevents damage to battery when batteries occasionally used beyond recommended depth of discharge)
    • Voltage and temperature monitoring
    • Charge balance between battery cells
    • Monitoring of charging and ageing status of battery cells
  • Lithium-ion battery with no limits on ‘partial cycling’; no ‘memory effect’, where battery life can be compromised by discharge and charging of only small amounts of electricity at a time
  • Can be fully charged within an hour, depending on size of solar PV array
  • Tested by automotive safety standards and developed according to Germany industry standards for batteries
  • Silent operation thanks to fanless cooling
  • No need for ventilation, ‘winter mode’ or service charging
  • The ‘next generation’ of neeo products (from Q3 2015) will boast the following enhancements
    • DoD to increase from 80% to 90% and cycle life from 5000 to 7000 – with same 10-year warranty
    • New battery management system (BMS) will require less energy
    • Plug & play plugs for neeoQube, streamlining installation and capable of handling higher currents

AKASOL company info

Global headquarters: Darmstadt, Germany

Manufacturing location: Germany

Headquarters in Australia: Sydney (Solar Energy Australia headquarters)

History in the industry: AKASOL: Since 2008. Solar Energy Australia: Since 1994.