AllGrid Energy’s Aussie-made residential & off-grid battery storage devices

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Background on Aoboet – Company History

AllGrid Energy is a Brisbane-based, indigenous-owned renewable technology company with a focus on battery storage. The company recently introduced an affordable, Australian-made battery storage device called the WattGrid, and is also the developer of plug-and-play, portable solar-plus-storage devices for remote areas called PortaGrids. Research and development are ongoing at AllGrid, and a number of other devices are set to be released – the goal of which will be to bring cost-effective energy independence to Australia.

At the time of writing (September 2023) the official AU website of AllGrid Energy is not operational.

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WattGridWattGrid 10: Residential energy storage system

The WattGrid 10 is an affordable small-scale, all-in-one battery storage system for residential (and small-scale commercial) applications. The WattGrid 10 works alongside a home’s solar array, capturing excess solar energy during the day and storing it for later use.

AllGrid Energy advises that a 4kW solar system coupled with the WattGrid 10 will allow a home to self-consume 17 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of their solar power per day – about 70% of the daily usage of the daily home (24kWh).

It has four basic modes, enabled by the device’s software-based energy management system:

  1. Solar: Solar PV is prioritised for use when available – excess solar energy is diverted into batteries for charging;
  2. Battery: When there is no solar available (e.g. at night), the energy is drawn back out of the batteries;
  3. Grid backup: In the event of a blackout, WattGrid will power emergency loads (lights, fridge, etc) with batteries and solar;
  4. Time-of-use tariff arbitrage: For customers on a time-of-use tariff (where grid electricity is more expensive at night), battery use is prioritised for peak pricing periods, thus maximising energy bill savings.

Key benefits:

  • At a retail price of $11,999 for 10kWh of lead-acid battery storage, WattGrid 10 is one of the most cost-effective battery storage solutions on the Australian market.
  • Modular: works with a range of different batteries. AllGrid also offers a lithium-ion version of the WattGrid 10, but third-party batteries may also be installed.
  • WattsHappening software platform allows for remote monitoring and control via web portal and smart phone app.
  • Designed for Australian conditions, with an operating temperature range of -20C to 43C.
  • Provides backup power for essential loads during grid blackouts.
  • Five year warranty on batteries, with an expected operational life of 10 years.

Key product details:

  • Capacity range (for solar PV input): up to 7kW
  • Battery capacity: 10kWh usable with lithium-ion or lead acid (tubular gel)
  • Download a spec sheet (PDF)


The PortaGrid is an all-in-one solar-plus-storage device custom-designed to client requirements for deployment in remote regions where grid connection is difficult or not an option. Its collapsible design means that the PortaGrid can be folded up and transported for wherever it is needed most.

Key benefits:

  • Australian-made, all-in-one solar-plus storage device designed with tough, remote Australian conditions in mind
  • Custom-designed and built to client requirements
  • Collapses into easily transportable cube shape
  • Additional solar PV capacity can be added externally on-site if needed

Key product details:

  • Capacity range (for solar PV input): Custom made container-based solutions with 3.5kW – 15kW+
  • Battery capacity: Custom

Contact info:

Phone: 1300 477 778


Pros and Cons of AllGrid Battery


  • Australian local office in Brisbane
  • Australian-made Batteries


  • Small business in with limited experience in comparison to bigger brands

So, Should I Buy AllGrid Battery?

At present, it appears that AllGrid is no longer active in Australia as their website is not operational. We would not recommend buying AllGrid batteries.

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  1. Let’s get real and call it $12,000 – that’s $1,200 per year, aren’t you better off spending that on your excess electricity? I agree with you Kevin, $5,000 makes it more affordable and as technology and competition improves, so will the prices – just look how solar panel prices dropped when the rebates stopped – so I will be waiting.

  2. The price needs to be closer to $5,000 for it to take off. I use about 8 units a night which costs me about a dollar per day or $365 per year.
    If the batteries last 10-12 years that’s a cost of $1000 per year.
    My 4k solar panels cover the day time usage.

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