Big batteries get ready to play main role in next stage of clean energy transition



The Australian Energy Regulator has urged transmission companies to look deeper into battery storage technologies as an option for future grid upgrades on the pathway to a renewables-dominated grid.

Big batteries, while relatively new to Australia’s electricity market, have already made their presence felt and changed the dynamics of the market, and the thinking about how the transition to a renewables-dominated grid can be put into place.

Having allowed for the storage and “firming” of excess wind and solar and provided much-needed competition in the frequency and ancillary services market, the regulator believes they are now ready for the next stage, including the displacement of more traditional choices.

The AER shined a light on the possibilities for big batteries this week as its fast-tracked approval for the near-term upgrade for the QNI link, which is being rushed through to help New South Wales deal with the anticipated closure of the Liddell coal generator in early 2023.