Commercial PV Price Index: April 2015

Mirroring the trend observed in residential solar systems, average commercial solar system prices increased slightly between March and April of 2015. The increases were clearest among 10kW systems and less pronounced for 30kW, 50kW and 100kW systems. Prices rose most sharply in Tasmania, while conversely declining in Perth.

All prices are net, incorporating incentives available through the federal Renewable Energy Target as well as GST.

Table 1: Commercial solar PV system prices for April 2015 (average)

Commercial solar system prices averages April 2015

Table 2: $/W commercial solar PV system prices for April 2015 (average)

Commercial solar system prices average high low per watt April 2015

Historic pricing for popular commercial solar system sizes

10kW solar energy system prices commercial April 2015 30kW commercial solar system prices 50kW commercial solar sytem prices april 2015 100kw commercial solar system prices April 2015Commercial system prices – indexed

Average indexed solar system prices April 2015

About this data

Tables and charts included in this article were compiled using data from Solar Choice’s installer network database, which contains regularly-updated pricing and product details from over 100 solar installation companies across Australia. Although all pricing calculations do account for federal incentives and GST, they do not incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs, such as ground-mounting or grid connection studies. The discount available to Solar Choice customers is also excluded from calculations, as are prices for ‘premium’ installer offerings. Median high and median low prices are the arithmetic averages taken from the range of high and low prices on offer across cities for each system size.

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    1. Hi Andrea,

      The prices encompass hardware and soft costs like labour – the full installation.

    1. Hi Simon,

      We will look into making this more explicit in the next article about commercial prices, but for the time being you can check out our articles about residential solar system prices. In our analysis of residential system prices, we’ve found that STCs generally reduce system prices by about 60-70c/kW.

      1. Hi,
        Thank you for your answer. Do you think we can extend that reduction (60-70c/kW) to these commercial systems?
        The impact of the GST is 10%, isn’t it?

        1. Hi Simon,

          60-70c/kW is roughly correct for commercial as well but we can’t corroborate with hard data at this point. GST is included and yes it’s 10%.

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