Commercial PV Price Index – January 2015

Echoing residential solar system price trends since the end of last year, commercial solar system prices have remained remarkably steady since November 2014 and January 2015. While there was some price fluctuation among the smaller commercial system sizes (10kW, 30kW, 50kW100kW system prices remaining flat across all cities included in our calculations.

Table 1: Commercial solar PV system prices (average)

Average commercial solar system prices January 2015

Table 2: $/W commercial solar PV system prices (high, low, average)

Average high low commercial solar system prices Jan 2015

Historic pricing

10kW commercial solar system prices Jan 2015
30kW solar system prices commercial Jan 201550kW solar system prices commercial Jan 2015100kW solar system prices Jan 2015

About this data

Tables and charts included in this article were compiled using data from Solar Choice’s installer network database, which contains regularly-updated pricing and product details from over 100 solar installation companies across Australia. Prices do not ordinarily incorporate meter installation fees or additional costs, such as ground-mounting or grid connection studies. The discount available to Solar Choice customers is also excluded from calculations, as are prices for ‘premium’ installer offerings. Median high and median low prices are the arithmetic averages taken from the range of high and low prices on offer across cities for each system size.

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