Eco Whisper Turbine: Australian-made, small-scale wind power

Solar Choice, as Australia’s solar photovoltaic (PV) installation brokering service, does not ordinarily work with wind turbine installers or manufacturers, but both technologies are similar in spirit and offer many of the same benefits to their owners. This article is an overview of one of the wind turbine technologies available on the Australian market: the Eco Whisper Turbine.

The Eco Whisper Turbine is a competitively-priced, Australian-made horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT) that is quieter and more compact than popular 3-blade turbines. Eco Whisper Turbines may be deployed to offset electricity loads in a variety of applications, including residential, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sites, as well as farms and urban locations such as schools.

Much like a rooftop solar panel system, the Eco Whisper Turbine has a long lifespan (20+ years) and is clean, fuel-free electricity generation option for those who are located somewhere with favourable wind conditions.

Eco Whisper Turbines: Product range

The Eco Whisper comes in two ‘sizes’: The Eco Whisper 325 (5 kilowatt (kW) in capacity), releasing in the 2nd half of 2013, and the Eco Whisper 650 (20kW in capacity). Over the course of a year, the turbines can generate up to 45,00 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and 11,250kWh of power, respectively.  These figures, however, represent peak capacity; actual output will vary with the wind wind speed and frequency of the location in question.

As a reference, the average Australian 3-person household consumes around 30kWh of electricity per day, or about 11,000kWh annually. This means that the Eco Whisper 650, in the right conditions, would be capable of powering up to 3 homes or a small factory. The 350 would produce enough power to significantly offset the power bills of a large home or an industrial shed.

Download an information sheet: Eco Whisper Turbine 650 & 325 (pdf)

Eco Whisper points of difference

-Operates almost completely silently, thanks to the cowl around the turbine’s blades

Eco whisper turbine cowl

-Small footprint–both in terms of area and the environment

EWT 650 Footprint

(Click to enlarge)

-Pole is hinged for ease of maintenance over the lifetime of the system, and for safety in extreme weather events

Eco Whisper Turbine folded

(Click to enlarge)

-Efficient even in relatively low-wind conditions

-Attractive design with a smaller blade span than 3-blade turbines

-Australian designed & manufactured

– Australian made Inverter + Generator

About Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings & Eco Whisper

Company Headquarters: Acacia Ridge -Brisbane, QLD

Manufacturing locations: Geelong, Brisbane, Gold Coast

History in the industry: 4 years

Further information

Whether the wind quality of a given site is suitable for the installation of a wind generator is determined in an assessment undertaken by an accredited Eco Whisper Turbine installer. If you are interested in learning more about the Eco Whisper Turbine, please contact Michael Le Messurier – or 0755 232 655.

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  1. Hi

    We have a 2.5 kW solar system and I was wondering at the feasibility of having a wind turbine installed to supply the inverter with an alternative power source overnight when the solar isn’t working.

    What are the possible costs? What are the possible complications? What needs to be considered for the installation location?

    1. Hi David,

      About costs, you’ll want to approach EcoWhisper / RESAu directly.

      You’d probably need a separate inverter for the wind turbine as opposed to retrofitting it onto your existing inverter, which will most likely only work for solar panels. You’ll also want to have a survey done about the wind resources available in your area – something that the EcoWhisper folks might be able to help you out with. However, it’s unlikely that solar + wind will meet all of your needs 100% of the time, so it might make sense to look into battery storage for both solar and wind, as this might ‘fill in the gaps’ and ensure that you have energy available when you need it.

      Best of luck with your system!

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    1. Hi Afeez,

      Thanks for your interest. We would advise contacting EcoWhisper / RESA directly via the details in the article. We (Solar Choice) operates only in Australia and do not keep any stock ourselves.

      Best of luck!

    1. Hi David,

      Please use the contact details at the bottom of the article for enquiries about the EcoWhisper – we do not stock it (or hold any stock, for that matter) and the installers in our network generally only deal in solar PV and energy storage. This article was written as an informational piece about an interesting technology.

  3. I saw your interesting product and just wanted to know the weight of a 5kva system and the cost. I am scouting for a wind generator to install at my rural home in ZImbabwe. If it does work for me, I hope I can be your agent there as the country is experiencing a serious power supply deficit.

    I hope to hear from you soon…

    Shepherd Madombwe

    1. Hi Shepherd,

      Please get in touch with EcoWhisper / RES Australia directly using the contact details at the bottom of the article. We do not offer this product ourselves – this article was written as an informative overview of what they offer.

      Best of luck!

  4. Liked your presentation. How is your business doing? Are you having any 5 kW turbine ready yet.
    What would the price be for one? I am not sure if we could afford it yet, but am interested.

    Thank you very much in advance.



    1. Hi Felix,

      Please contact Ecowhisper / RES Australia direction on the contact details listed above in the article. Solar Choice does not stock their products.

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