Growatt Solar Inverters in Australia

Growatt is one of the most prolific solar inverter brands in Australia, with a reputation for affordability. The company manufactures grid-connect inverters for a range of residential and commercial solar power system sizes. Founded in 2010, Growatt has recently founded its Australian subsidiary, Growatt Australia Pty Ltd. The company’s Australian office is in Melbourne.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following is an independent article covering Growatt inverters generally. Any queries regarding Growatt products should be made to Growatt directly by calling their Sydney service centre on 02 8065 1298 or 1300 469 322 or contacting Ben Li on 0431 754 428.

About Growatt Solar Inverters

Growatt produces a range of transformerless (TL) solar inverters and high-frequency transformer inverters. Currently, Sungold TL, Growatt MTL, Growatt HF, Growatt UE lines are available in Australia.

Growatt Sungold Solar Inverters Australia

Growatt Sungold Solar Inverter (Image via Growatt)

Sungold TL series: Standard Transformerless Inverters

1500TL (~1.5kW AC output)

2000TL (~2.0kW AC)

3000TL (~2.8kW AC)

440TL (~4.4kW AC)

5000TL (~4.6kW AC)

Growatt’s 5000TL inverter has attained a ‘sehr gut’ (‘very good’–96%) at average solar irradiation conditions, and ‘sehr gut +’ (96.8%) rating for high solar irradiation conditions from Photon Magazine, a widely-respected resource on solar power system components, subjecting solar panels and inverters to rigorous testing.

Growatt Sungold TL Series Specifications (pdf)

Growatt MTL series: Dual Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

Growatt MTL Solar inverter

Growatt MTL Solar inverter

Growatt 3600MTL (~3.6kW AC Output)

4200MTL (~4.2kW)

5000MTL (~4.6kW – 5.0kW)

Growatt MTL inverters are capable of taking power inputs from 2 different parallel strings of solar panels. Each of these inputs are Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capable, meaning higher overall efficiency and greater solar system energy yield over time.

Growatt MTL Series Solar Inverters Specifications (pdf)

Growatt HF Solar inverters

Growatt HF Solar inverters

Growatt HF series: High-frequency transformers

Growatt 2000HF (~2.0KW AC output)

Growatt 25000HF (~2.5kW)

Growatt 3000HF (~3.0kW)

Growatt HF series inverters use quiet, high-frequency transformers, can accept inputs from two separate solar panel strings in parallel, and are MPPT capable.

Growatt HF Series Solar Inverters Specifications (pdf)

Growatt UE Solar Inverters

Growatt UE Solar Inverters

Growatt UE series: Transformerless Dual MPPT inverters for larger systems

Growatt 10000UE (~10kW AC output, dual input MPPT, up to 2 parallel strings each)

Growatt 12000UE (~12.25kW, dual input MPPT, up to 2 parallel strings each)

Growatt 18000UE (~18kW, dual input MPPT, up to 3 parallel strings each)

Growatt 20000UE (~20kW, dual input MPPT, up to 3 parallel strings each)

Growatt UE solar inverters are mainly for use in larger-scale and commercial solar PV projects. Please note: Growatt UE series inverters are currently pending SAA and CEC approval.

Growatt UE Series Inverters Specifications (pdf)

Growatt Inverter Monitoring Equipment

Remote monitoring equipment for all Growatt inverters is available for those who want to keep constant track of their solar system’s output. Inverter performance data can also be viewed–albeit not from a distance–on the inverter’s display panel. The Growatt remote monitoring devices are: ShineVision, Shine Pano, and Shine WebBox


Shinevision Growatt Inverter Performance Monitoring Device

Shinevision: Growatt Inverter Performance Monitoring System

ShineVision uses a radio signal picked up from up to 6 Growatt inverters to display realtime and past data relating to your system’s performance (power, AC voltage, PV array voltage, daily, monthly, and total power yield (and income), temperature, light intensity, plus date and time). The device (right) can be placed in a home or in a shed (up to 30m away from the system inverter) for easy monitoring.

Growatt Shine Vision Monitoring Device Specifications (pdf)

Growatt Shine Pano Solar System Performance Monitoring Device

Growatt Shine Pano Solar System Performance Monitoring Device

Shine Pano

Shine Pano picks up and displays data in colour (PV and AC voltage, current, power, AC frequency, daily energy yield, historcal energy yield, power graph, and more) from up to 32-50 inverters (maximum range of 50m) using ZIGBEE by default, with optional Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connections, or using an Rs485 cable (default) or CAN cable (optional).  Data is stored both in the device itself (up to 5 years’ worth of data) and can also be automatically uploaded to Growatt’s Shine Server platform for online viewing from anywhere with internet access.

Shine WebBox

The Shine WebBox picks up and displays data (PV and AC voltage, current, power, AC frequency, daily energy yield, historcal energy yield, power graph, and more) from up to 32-50 inverters (maximum range of 50m) using ZIGBEE, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth wireless connections, or using Rs485 or CAN cables. The WebBox has no display interface. Instead, it sends near realtime data to Growatt’s Internet-based Shine Server platform, so that it can be viewed from anywhere with an Internet connection. Data is also recorded on an SD data storage card inserted directly into the device.

Additional Information about Growatt

Growatt Inverter Certifications

-Growatt inverters in the MTL, Sungold, and HF series are certified by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia, and are on the list of CEC-approved components.

CE mark– Growatt inverters are compliant with European Union regulations

Growatt Inverter Warranties

Growatt inverters come with a standard 5 year service warranty, with an option to extend to 10 years

Growatt Headquarters and Manufacturing Facilities

Headquarters: Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Manufacturing facilities: Shenzhen, China

Production capacity

Max capacity of 20,000 units per month

Growatt contact info:

Growatt Sydney service centre: 

T: 02 8065 1298 or 1300 469 322

Address: C1, 27-29 Fariola Street, Silverwater, NSW 2128

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All images and Spec Sheets via Growatt

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above is an independent article covering Growatt inverters generally. Any queries regarding Growatt products should be made to Growatt directly by calling 1300 469 322 or by contacting Ben Li on 0431 754 428


    1. Hi Bunthing,

      I’m not an expert on Growatt output readings, but E probably means ‘sum’ – so that ‘Etoday’ means the total energy (in kWh) produced today, while Eall means the total produced over the inverter’s lifetime. PPv probably means the instantaneous power being produced by the solar panels (‘solar PV’).

      Hope this helps!

  1. What does it mean when we have PV isolation low today? We had heavy rain last night, but this has had heavy rain on panels before. What do we do when the surpliers can’t be contacted?

    1. Hi David and Fay,

      We can recommend that you try getting in touch with one of the SolarSafe electricians – they are experts in solar installation after-service of all types.

  2. Hi my converter is showing a red light and shows error 117
    what does this mean and it isn’t relaying any power back to the grid
    can some one help me regards Ted

    1. Hi Ted,

      As per the article above, we advise that you get in touch with Growatt directly. Best of luck with your system!

  3. Hi,
    Can I buy a Growatt (or other) hybrid inverter that will run off lead acid batteries? I have been told that they will only support lithium batteries which are either very expensive or even unavailable at present, I am having a difficult time getting straight answers to questions on hybrid installations.
    regards Darren.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Growatt is not the only company that offers hybrid inverters. We keep a (non-exhaustive) list of the battery storage devices available in Australia here. A number of these are hybrid, battery-ready inverters which should work with either lead acid or lithium-ion batteries.

  4. Hi,

    We have a 5000MTLS and when we had the system installed we had specified that we wanted an inverter installed that had the capacity to have battery storage added that could then allow our house to function when the grid goes down. That point has been reached and I am having difficulty getting an answer from the company that supplied the system whether this is the case. Can you provide some input on what we need to have to enable a PV system to be grid tied and remain active when the grid goes down. We have hydronic heating and the pumps need to run constantly. If the power goes off the system incurs tremendous pressure build up.

    1. Hi Douglas. The type of inverter that you are referring to is called a hybrid inverter. Some hybrid inverters continue to produce power for your home even when the grid goes down, but it depends on the specifications of the product in question. As far as I am aware (but I could be wrong – get in touch with Growatt for clearer answers) no Growatt inverters have this functionality at present.

      Depending on how old your system is, you may want to consider getting a hybrid inverter to replace your current inverter when the time for replacement comes along (typically between 5-10 years after installation).

      Hope this helps, and best of luck with your system.

      1. Thanks, just 6 months old, we did specify a hybrid inverter.

        We have a serious problem when the grid goes down and we are running our hydronic and hot water boiler, it doesn’t shut down. It sounds like a submarine operating below its safe working depth and under the house the joints drip because of the pressure build up. The small recirculating pumps need to run constantly to transfer the heated water out of the boiler even though it is unpressurized with a simple header tank as a feeder.
        The only option is to install a UPS to operate these pumps when the grid goes down and it does more frequently than is comfortable.

  5. I had my solar power installed in 2011.It had been working well until last week.
    I have a Growatt Inverter 1650 .
    I have been getting the error massage 117 , consistent fault with red light.
    Is this a permanent fault .The inverter should be under 5 years warranty. I’m wondering how I can make a claim and get a replaced one.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Kevin. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. The Growatt user’s manual (pdf) confirms that error 117 is a relay fault and that you should contact Growatt directly.

      The contact numbers for their service centre are: 02 8065 1298 or 1300 469 322.

      Best of luck.

  6. While registering my solar system on the Growatt website, I’m asked to insert my validation code. Where can I find that?

    1. Hi Rob,

      As we mention in our article, it’s best to reach out directly to Growatt with product-related enquiries. You can call their Sydney service centre on 02 8065 1298 or 1300 469 322.

      Best of luck!

  7. Hi,
    I am trying to register my 4.5kw PV system so that I can make use of the WiFi module “stick” which is attached to the underside of my Growatt Inverter. The Registration form asks me for a ‘datalog valicode’. Can someone please advise me where I find this information so that I can accomplish this step and move on?

    1. Hi Rino,

      As we mention in our article, it’s best to reach out directly to Growatt about this matter. You can call their Sydney service centre on 02 8065 1298 or 1300 469 322.

      Best of luck!

  8. Hi,
    I have a 3KW PV system installed with a SunGold 3000 inverter.
    We now have already the 3rd inverter (2 replacements) as all the inverters showed a fault: “PV isolation to low”. The system was checked by an electrician and an new earth stake was installed. PV panels show good earthing. The fault is still the same. Currently we are trying a different borrowed inverter (Suntwins 3300TL) and have no problem.
    Any comments?

    1. Hi Peter,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles with your inverter. Solar Choice is technology agnostic, and this article is a simple overview of Growatt’s product offerings, not necessarily an endorsement. As you can probably tell by the addendum we had to add at the top of our article plus the many comments, we had a few people reach out to us about issues with their Growatt inverters. Given what you’ve told us about your experiences to date, it would probably be a good idea for you to opt for a different brand of inverter the next time around. Best of luck!

      1. Thanks, for your comments. I understand your position.
        Still checking with Growatt for a solution. E.g. trying a Growatt 3000MTL inverter.

        1. Hi Peter, did you have a resolution for the issue you have? Keen to know as my growatt inverter is showing similar symptoms after heavy rain.. thanks,

  9. I am still waiting for someone to contact me about my problem sith a Growatt 5000MTL inverter. It is now over 3 weeks. How long will it take or do I have to get onto Govt authouritiies to get action?

    1. Hi Clive,

      Thanks for your comment. First, I wanted to point out that Solar Choice has no affiliation with Growatt. Solar Choice is a nation-wide solar PV installation brokering service, working with a network of over 100 installers across the country.

      The above article was written as an informative overview of Growatt and their products, as they are a popular option amongst both customers and installers. I haven’t seen any other comments on our website from you about this, so I think your initial contact may have been directly with Growatt.

      If you are still having issues, I recommend you contact Growatt’s Australian distributor directly. You can find their contact details here. I’ve also included these details below:

      Power Solar
      Tel: 03 9450 1500 / Mob: 0400 868 668
      Service Tel: 1800 469 322
      Add: 83 Northern Road, Heidelberg West, VIC 3081, Australia

      Best of luck with your system. Hope you manage to get things sorted out.

  10. I have a Growatt 2000 kw Sungold.
    I have been getting the error massage 102 , consistent fault with red light.
    Is this a permanent fault or due to different weather conditions

    1. Hi John,

      Your best option would be to contact Growatt directly on 1300 797 747. They will be able to advise whether this is a permanent fault, and what procedure you need to follow to rectify the situation.

      Good luck

  11. Hello Growatt, I have had a 2kw inverter for my 1.9kw system since Feb 2012. Unfortunately it has gone dead. I am having problems having it replaced under the garantee with my solar company, they said it will be replaced when they get an electrician free. It has now been nine days without any response from them. Can you please help?

    1. Hi Charlie,

      We’re not Growatt! You can email them at, I’m not sure what they would be able to do for you without you having to pay for an electrician. It might be worth your while contacting the installer again and making some noise.

      Good luck

  12. We have a Sungold 3000 inverter and there is no way I can read the front screen you can just make out a few letters if you get on an angle can this be fixed?

    1. Hi James,

      Your best option is to contact the installer as this sounds like a product fault and they should be able to replace it assuming it’s under warranty, if your installer is unable to help try contacting Growatt directly as they will be aware of product faults and will be able to advise you of the best way of progressing.

      Hope this helps.

  13. Hi, I have a 5000TL and am trying to decode the digital display. For example, last night around 7pm, it was showing
    Power 345;
    Ppv 291 / 00W;
    Pv 203 / 4 B:374;
    AC 243 / F50.0 Hz:
    E today 21.1;
    Eall 4001.
    I am happy with the AC, E today and Eall, just want to know what the Ppv and Pv bits mean.

    1. Hi Dean,

      The PV part stands for the PV1 and PV2 voltage, I can’t find any mention of Ppv in the product manual available online. You might have a more comprehensive manual that came with the inverter which will have the information, alternatively you could contact Growatt directly who may be able to explain it for you.

      Sorry we can’t be of more help.

    1. Hi Chad,

      I’m afraid we have no idea, as we deal exclusively with solar PV systems. You may be able to get the information you need via a wind turbine installer.

      Sorry we can’t be of more help.

  14. Hi there, i have a Growatt inverter that has an error all the time , the company i bought it off are out of business how can i contact growatt direct ?

  15. Hi,

    l had a Growatt inverter installed last year, and have had a loud buzzing sound coming from the inverter that comes on and off but it only happens when the sun is on the panels.
    Could you let me know how l can fix this problem.



    1. Hi Richie,

      In the first instance I’d recommend contacting the company who installed your system. If they are unable to help you, you could go directly to Growatt.

      Hope you get it sorted soon!

  16. Hi,

    I have a growatt PV Inverter on my install & I was interested in the following product as detailed on your website:

    Shinevision: Growatt Inverter Performance Monitoring System

    Did you know where I can buy it?



    1. Hi Stuart. I would recommend getting in touch with your installer, or possibly Growatt directly. Solar Choice is an independent brokering service; we do not move or keep any stock. Good luck.

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