Inverter maker SolarEdge adds “smart panels” to rooftop offering

Israel-based inverter maker SolarEdge has branched into the other key ingredient to rooftop solar systems – the panels – with the launch of its own PV offering on the Australian residential market.The 300 Watt “smart panels,” launched in Australia this week, are said to come pre-assembled with power optimisers, and with a guarantee of “superior quality control,” better safety standards, and easier installation.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is SolarEdge’s promise to installers and retailers of a “simplified logistics and warranty process.”

It’s a well-timed move, as Australia’s booming rooftop solar market comes under media scrutiny over some small but significant gaps in industry regulation and quality control.

SolarEdge claims its panels have higher safety standards to others on the market, due to the company’s trademarked SafeDC technology being embedded in the technology.“The smart panels offer all the SolarEdge benefits of industry-leading power production for a faster return on investment, improved design flexibility … panel-level monitoring with real-time performance information, as well as enhanced safety.”

The panels are also covered by a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty that cover panel performance, workmanship, and parts over those time periods.