NASA staff use Australian EV chargers

Brisbane-based EV charging company Tritium has installed eight of the company’s 50kW fast chargers installed at a staff car park of a NASA base in California’s Silicon Valley.

The install at the space base is comparatively low-key for the company, which has been sealing significant international deals all over Europe.

Last month, Tritium signed a deal with Munich-based IONITY to supply as many as 600 of its world-leading high power chargers for an EV charging network being rolled out across Europe.

The IONITY project, a joint venture with BMW Group, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen Group, ultimately aims to deploy a pan-European network of around 400 high power charging stations, to ensure EV drivers are always within 120km of a fast charge point.

That project uses Tritium’s “world’s fastest” 350kW High Power Chargers, which are capable of delivering 150km of battery range in just 5 minutes – almost the equivalent of filling up at the petrol bowser.
By comparison, the chargers installed at the NASA base, are 50kW fast chargers, better suited to their role as “destination chargers” in a car park.
But because they will be charging the EVs of astronauts, and because *SPACE* it’s an installation too cool not to share.
As is the image, posted on LinkedIn by the company’s head of sales, Christian Hewitt: