Australian Anti-Dumping Commission to reexamine Chinese panel dumping complaint

The Australian Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) has reopened the case against Chinese solar panel manufacturers accused of dumping polycrystalline solar photovoltaic modules into the Australian market.

The case was taken up for review at the request of the the company who initially lodged the complaint – Australian solar panel manufacturer Tindo Solar.

When initially lodged, the review earned Tindo Solar the ire of the solar industry, which relies heavily on inexpensive solar panels imported from China.

Chinese solar panels – combined with a highly efficient solar work force and generous up-front federal solar incentives – are the main factors have enabled Australia to achieve some of the lowest solar installation prices in the world.

When the ADC terminated the case in April of 2014, Australia’s solar industry breathed a collective sigh of relief, with Australian Solar Council chief executive John Grimes calling it ‘a victory for common sense’.

The ADC initially determined that Chinese panels were indeed being dumped into Australia, but that they were not having a significant negative impact on local manufacturers – and therefore that no action was warranted.

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