Australia’s Dyesol looking to set up shop in Turkey

Australian-based dye solar cell manufacturer Dyesol is looking to the Turkish market and has signed a contract to build a first prototype production facility.

Dye solar cells can be incorporated into buildings, either though glass panels or on rooftops, and Dyesol says it is cheaper to install, can gain efficiencies of 15 per cent, and can operate effectively in low sunlight.

The deal with Turkish group Nesli DSC will see Dyesol getting a $2.2 million contract to supply the equipment needed to establish a prototype production facility in Turkey.

Dyesol recently received a $20 million investment from Saudi industrial giant Tasnee, a $5 billion company that is the world’s second largest producer of titanium dioxide, which is used in the development of dye solar cells.

The solid-state dye solar cell technology is often referred to as “artificial photosynthesis” due to the way the thin layers of key materials – including the semi-conductor titanium dioxide – generate renewable energy from sunlight, shady light, dappled light or even indoor lighting.

Top image via Dyesol.

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Giles Parkinson