ABC’s ‘Catalyst’ airs episode the rise of home battery storage

Earlier this week the ABC’s Catalyst aired an episode on the topic of how battery storage can support renewable energy generation. The episode, ‘Battery Powered Homes‘, marks the latest instance of Australia’s media coverage of the dramatic changes currently afoot in Australia’s energy sector.

Describing batteries as a ‘disruptive technology’ offering ‘every home the potential for 24-hour renewable power’, the program’s host Dr Jonica Newby interviews a number of Australians who have already installed batteries in their households for environmental and financial reasons.

Interest in home battery storage in Australia has been steadily growing since last year, when a number of companies announced the launch of products into the Australian market. Tesla’s Powerwall, LG Chem’s RESU, Magellan’s RES1 and Enphase’s AC Battery are just a few examples. The program also touches on the growing opportunities for battery-related service companies like Reposit Power, who allow battery system owners to trade their excess energy on the market.

The program offers a peek into Australia’s energy future and is well worth a watch.

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