[WATCH] Drone flyover video of Amaroo School’s 600kW solar array

Solar Choice has previously published a number of articles about our iconic Amaroo School solar project – the largest rooftop solar installation in the ACT and the 11th largest installation in Australia completed in 2015 (according to Sunwiz). The first article announced the project’s having reached financial close last August, while subsequent article provided visual updates on the construction of the project (here and here).

We are now happy to release the first video flyover of this iconic project, captured by drone late last year after all of the system’s panel arrays had been installed. The video below (which is interesting to compare to our original simulated flyover based on the project’s initial design) captures the elegance and visual appeal of this noteworthy commercial solar PV project – and should serve as something of an antidote for those who are detractors of solar PV for aesthetic reasons.

A video flyover of the 600kW Amaroo School solar project – the largest rooftop solar array in the ACT. This video was filmed by drone after the system’s completion in December of 2015.

A simulated flyover of the original mockup version of the Amaroo School solar project. This video was composed as an indicative visual resource before the project’s completion.

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