New interactive online map helps identify wind & solar opportunities across Australia

Renewable energy developers looking to invest in the Australian market can now access an interactive mapping tool that helps to identify the best places to install large-scale solar, wind and demand management.

The online resource, developed and launched last week by the University of Technology in Sydney, aims to provide clear, consistent and timely information on where renewables alternatives to building new electricity network infrastructure would deliver the greatest economic benefit.

Solar and wind available capacity

The first series of maps – the culmination of months of work by the UTS’s Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) with $453,000 in financial support from ARENA – uses sample data from network service providers on constraints, planned investment and the potential value of decentralised energy resources across the National Electricity Market (NEM).

By providing this information, the $1 million project aims to build the market for decentralised energy resources and reduce costs for all electricity consumers.

“Making this information freely and publicly available will help to build the market for decentralised energy resources, optimise grid infrastructure investment and thereby work to lower electricity bills,” ISF Research Director, Chris Dunstan said.

Federal environment minister, Greg Hunt – who today confused the renewable energy industry by announcing the appointment of a National Wind Commissioner – said it was critical Australia made the best, most efficient use of renewable energy.

“Investing in technology to map the most valuable locations to invest in renewables will drive further investment in renewables innovation,” he said.

“This government is delivering more renewable energy and lower electricity bills. This important work by UTS, supported by the Australian government through ARENA, is a step towards reducing peak electricity demand and showing where renewables can add the most value.”

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