PV Magazine’s 50 ‘array changing’ technologies sure to excite the solar enthusiast

PV Magazine has released a report outlining the 50 top ‘array changing technologies’ featured at this year’s Intersolar Europe exhibition and conference. The ‘downstream’ technologies were picked based on their ‘ability to make a major impact on solar arrays today and in the future’ by ‘driving power outputs up and LCOE down’.

A complete list of the nominated technologies and select links to their websites are provided below for those less keen to sift through the 25-page feature. These technologies are definitely worth keeping an eye on as they make their way into the mainstream PV market.

  1. Tesla Powerwall
  2. Solar-Log’ App
  3. Meteocontrol ‘blue’Log’ X Series Monitoring System
  4. Panasonic ‘LJ-SK84A’ Li-ion Residential Battery
  5. Self-powered ‘NEXTracker’ Tracking System
  6. Omron DC Fault Monitor
  7. A+ Sun Sytems ‘SunNet’ Tension Cable Roof Mounting System
  8. SolarEdge Commercial Inverter
  9. REC ‘TwinPeak’ Series Half-Cell PV Modules
  10. Ciel et Terre ‘Hydrelio’ Floating PV Mounting System
  11. Allon Energy ‘Rover’ Rail Extrusion and Spot Cleaning Robots
  12. Kostal ‘Piko BA’ Battery-Ready Inverter
  13. Suntech ‘HyPro’ PERC Module Line
  14. CAB Products’ Cable Management Rings and Saddles
  15. Ecoppia ‘E4’ Robotic Cleaning System
  16. ArcelorMittal ‘Magnelis’ Anti-Corrosion Coating
  17. Gantner Instruments Real-Time PV Monitoring
  18. Sungrow ‘SG33/40KTL-M’ Inverter
  19. Jinko Solar ‘Maxim’ Cell-level Maximum Power Point Tracking
  20. Huawei ‘SUN2000-33KTL’ Inverter
  21. Array Technologies ‘HZ Version 3’ Solar Tracking System
  22. Delta ‘Flex E3’ battery
  23. Hulket ‘Z-type’ 320W CIGS Module
  24. CertainTeed ‘Apollo Tile II’ PV Roofing Tiles
  25. Zeversolar String Inverters
  26. Sonnenbatterie ‘eco’ Battery System
  27. JA Solar 1500V PV Module
  28. SolarEdge ‘StorEdge’ Solution
  29. Tesvolt Bidirectional Battery Management System
  30. Valentin Software ‘PV * SOL’ PV Simulation Software
  31. LG ‘NeON 2’ PV Module with White Back Sheet
  32. LG ‘NeON 2’ PV Module with Black Back Sheet
  33. SolarWorld ‘SunPac LiOn’ 2kWh Scalable Batteries
  34. ASD Sonnenscpeicher Hybrid Battery
  35. Dow Corning Adhesives for PV Clamp and Rail Replacement
  36. Trina Solar Multi and Mono PERC Mass Produced Modules
  37. ABB ‘PVS980’ Central Inverter
  38. QBotix ‘SolBot’ Robotic Tracking System
  39. SMA ‘MV’ Power Stations
  40. Fronius ‘Primo’ Inverter
  41. Krinner ‘KRD 60’ Mounting Robot with GPS Positioning
  42. Hanwha Q CELLS ‘Q.UANTUM’ High-performance PERC Module Line
  43. Sika ‘AS-785’ BIPV Adhesive
  44. Renusol ‘MS+ Portrait’ mounting System
  45. SI Module Bowed Panels
  46. Gantner Instruments ‘string.bloxx All-In-One 24/12’ Measurement, Comms and Safety Circuit
  47. Kaco ‘blueplanet gridsave 14.0 TL3’ Bidirectional Battery Inverter
  48. Kaco ‘blueplanet 750–1000 TL3’ Central Inverter
  49. SuncycleCTU flexEL’ High-resolution Portable Electroluminescence Camera
  50. SolarWorld ‘Sunmodule Protect 360° duo’ Bifacial Modules

Top Image Credit: pv magazine

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