QLD’s distributed rooftop solar ranks in top 10 largest generators in Aus

A new graph has shown that rooftop solar from individual states now ranks among the top generators in Australia.

The graph, created by former Energex executive Mike Swanston in response to the news that south-east Queensland network operator Energex had became the nation’s first distribution network to break through the 1GW mark for installed rooftop PV.

Rooftop solar holds 4 places in top generatorsQueensland, including the regional Ergon network, has more than 1.45GW of rooftop solar, putting it in the top 10 generators in the country, behind only Victoria’s brown coal generators and a handful of black generators.

New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia also join the top 30 generators, along with aggregated South Australian wind, Victoria wind and NSW wind.

“In a National Energy Market built around generation dispatch – there are now effectively 7 must run generators (solar and wind) now accounting for 14 per cent of the installed capacity,” Swanston told RenewEconomy at the Disruption in the Energy Industry conference in Sydney on Tuesday.

“This really is a change, and if you break it down to per capita installation, Australia is at unique place in the world.”

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Giles Parkinson