Check out Solar Choice’s new energy storage resource

Solar Choice has published a new resource for those interested in battery-based energy storage systems. Our new page, “Batteries & Home Energy Storage: Learn the Basics“, collects many of the informative energy storage-focussed articles scattered throughout our blog into a single, easily accessible location.

Interest in battery energy storage systems has grown dramatically in Australia since the beginning of 2015. At Solar Choice, we’ve seen readership of storage-related articles on our site skyrocket from a couple of hundred pageviews per day in January to well over 1,000 per day the end of May (curiously close to Tesla’s announcement of its Powerwall).

With this rise in interest is a need for education about battery storage products and approaches; this is why we’ve put this resource together. It’s also the reason that we recently launched Australia’s first instant comparison platform for battery storage installations – so that Australian households can quickly and easily compare options on the market.

Our battery storage overview page will be updated with more educational articles as well as state and city-specific links as they are published on our site.

Battery & Home Energy Storage: Learn the Basics

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