Pay-as-you-feel restaurant go solar

Lentil As Anything restaurants and grocery stores have no set prices. Anyone is welcome to go for a meal and contribute in any way they can which ensures everyone leaves with the feeling that they are part of an inclusive community.

Focusing on creating delicious and healthy dishes to taste and share, Lentil Thornbury uses the best quality ingredients sourced from local markets and rescued by The Inconvenience Store. Lentil As Anything is an active community hub, passionate about food, the environment, human rights, art and music.

Solar Choice were contacted to assist with there due-diligence on this solar project and started by providing a comparison of 8 local installer options accompanied by a detailed analysis of there power bills in the form of a comprehensive Business Case. This outlined a payback period of under 4 years and included the standard 9.9c Feed In Tariff applicable in Victoria.

Solar Choice provided further impartial advise on each of the installers and went onto set-up a number of site inspections through their preferred options.

Solar was a natural fit for this sustainability focused group and through grant funding they were able to achieve a 15kw install through a preferred Solar Choice partner using HT-SAAE panels and a SolaX Power inverter. They are now expected to save around 1,000 tonnes of carbon emissions during its lifetime.

For a free and impartial analysis of the potential benefits of solar for your business then please contact Matt Lasauce on 0410 124 850.

Jeff Sykes