ResiLinked: A free online platform to track solar system maintenance, safety and more

ResiLinked is a free online platform for home owners and managers to keep track of maintenance and connect with service providers. ResiLinked is particularly useful for homes with (or looking for) rooftop solar PV systems, allowing them to instantly check their system’s safety status (a ‘Solar Safety Registry’) and to be automatically notified when the system is due for routine maintenance – as well as learn which companies might be able to help them.

ResiLinked property profile example

A screenshot of a property profile on the ResiLinked portal. 

Benefits of registering your property on ResiLinked

  • Create a profile for your property or properties to keep all your information in one place. ResiLinked acts as a central repository for all your household-related history, info and documents, making it easy for check details – both when the home is first registered as well as on an ongoing basis.
    • Examples include:
      • Solar PV system details, including warranties and maintenance history;
      • Solar safety inspection details (see below);
      • Energy rating information;
      • Pool-related documentation;
      • And much more.

ResiLinked maintenance

A screenshot from the maintenance page of the ResiLinked portal. (Click to enlarge.)

  • Ensure your system is up to scratch through the Solar Safety Registry. Although Australia’s solar standards have been updated and implemented to ensure a high degree of safety, some older systems may contain components that have been recalled (e.g. DC isolators) – something that the owner may be unaware of. ResiLinked also allows you to set up a solar maintenance schedule and will notify you of new recalls that concern components used in your system.
  • Access your details from anywhere with an internet connection. You can access your property’s records via your desktop on ResiLinked’s website or through their free smartphone app.
  • Automatic notifications let you know when any aspect of your property is due for a checkup. Many aspects of a home require routine replacement or upkeep – ResiLinked will let you know when, for example, the warranty for your solar inverter or hot water heater is about to expire, or when your roof is due for a replacement.
  • Quickly and easily connect with suppliers who can help you maintain or improve your property. ResiLinked makes it easy to get no-obligation quotes from product and service suppliers who operate in your area. Suppliers will only see your contact details after you’ve invited them to engage with you.
  • ResiLinked property profiles can be passed on to new owners in the event of a sale. This means that there will be a centralised, continuous record of work done at the property even if it changes hands – potentially increasing value and reducing the time to sell.
  • It’s free and secure. ResiLinked is free to register for, and their website uses a secure server so that your records are visible only to you and the suppliers you opt to share them with.

Register for ResiLinked

Anyone can sign up for a ResiLinked account for free at

If you are a solar product or service provider, a registration fee applies if you’d like to receive commercial opportunities through the portal.

Why ResiLinked? An interview with Marcus Cundy-Cooper, ResiLinked founder

ResiLinked platform was conceived when I published the “Solar Electricity Consumer Guide” back in 2012, because I identified that

  1. Consumers needed to ensure their solar PV systems would give them the return they expected in addition to being safe.
    • Despite what salespeople are telling customers, solar electricity systems require maintenance (or at least monitoring) to ensure the system is
      • 1: working at optimum performance;
      • 2: fulfiling obligations required by warranty insurers;
      • 3: complying with electricity provider’s requirements; and
      • 4: safe for your family and tenants.
    • They may also be asked to provide handover material when selling the property to evidence when selling or renting that the property the solar PV system is working to optimally and safely. Consumers have a solution via the ResiLink platform.
  2. The whole purpose of the government providing generous incentives to purchase solar was to achieve the national Renewable Energy Target. The RET is a great initiative. However, this scheme would be absolutely pointless and a great waste of public money if the systems are either not generating electricity as claimed or in some cases now, systems are not working at all. Consumers have an opportunity to take responsibility for their solar PV systems and now have been provided with a simple way of recording the outcome.
  3. There was a need for a simple way for the real estate industry to increase the uptake of energy products by property owners looking to increase saleability of property. The ResiLinked app manages the requests for products as the app emails suppliers on their behalf. Property owners would greatly benefit when selling their property by being able to display property energy ratings like the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). 

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