Rooftop solar, batteries early winners in NSW election race

NSW major political parties have unveiled plans to boost solar and battery storage uptake in the state, in the lead-up to the March 23 election.

The opposition Labor Party was first with its PV policy, proposing to extend rooftop solar to half a million more homes across NSW over the next 10 years, if it wins the poll.

The Labor policy would provide rebates of up to $2,200 for solar systems for 500,000 homes, adding 2GW of new PV to the state’s grid by 2028, just short of Victoria Labor’s 2.6GW target.

The rebate would be limited to owner occupied households with a combined income of up $180,000, and promises to deliver average bill reductions of between $600 and $1000 a year for those who partake.

The Berejiklian government followed suit with a promise of interest-free loans for solar and battery storage systems, through a 10-year Empowering Homes program targeting 300,000 households.

As with the Labor scheme, eligible households must be owner-occupiers and have an annual household income of up to $180,000.

Both proposals have been welcomed by green groups, who just last week called for stronger action from both parties on on renewables and climate in the state.