Solar Choice brokers 100kW Solar PV system for Flower Power

Solar Choice has successfully brokered a 100kW Solar PV System for Flower Power via their landlord Fitzpatrick Investments.

Flower Power is a family owned company selling garden services and products based in Sydney.

The Commercial Solar Power system is designed to offset part of Flower Power’s daytime energy consumption and during it’s lifetime will reduce their carbon emissions by over 2,000 tonnes.

As the system meets the eligibility requirements of the governments small-scale renewable energy scheme, it receives a government subsidy worth approximately 35% of the total install cost.

The Solar PV system was installed in early 2019 and utilises industry leading Fronius Symo inverters and Canadian Solar panels.



Jeff Sykes


    1. Hi Graham,

      Sorry that information is confidential. If you are looking into a project feel free to contact us via the commercial form and we can help determine the financial feasibility – there’s no cost to use our service!.

      Solar Choice Staff

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