Solar Choice Commercial Tenders Manager Iain McGregor Swims English Channel

Word has just come in that Commercial Solar Tenders Manager Iain McGregor successfully crossed the English Channel on 20 August 2011–propelled only by his own arms and legs. In the end, the swim took 15 hours and 14 minutes, falling within the 12-16 hour time range that was initially anticipated. “All I can say is that this was by far and away the most gruelling physical activity with the biggest roller-coaster of emotions that I have ever done,” said McGregor in an email to the Solar Choice staff in Manly and Solar Selections staff in London.

The crossing began at 2am, with the sky still dark and the water undoubtedly chilly at best. To protect against the effects of the cold, McGregor was slathered in animal fat (which later proved difficult to remove).

The 40-50 thousand-swimstroke journey was punctuated a magestic sunrise, a snack break, strong currents, and numerous encounters with ferries and freighters making their own paths across the water.

An exhausted and uncharacteristically silent McGregor was pulled from the water and into a rubber raft after arriving on the French shore south of Calais. He was ferried back to England shortly afterwards.

The Solar Choice and Solar Selections staff would like to offer Iain a hearty congratulations.

-A Picassa photo album documenting Iain’s feat has already been uploaded to the web by a mate of Iain’s. The photos in this article are borrowed from here. (Thanks Gaetan!)- 

Written by James Martin

James Martin II