Solar Choice develops 1.7MW Solar Project with Pace Farms

Solar Choice worked closely with the CEO and CFO of Pace Farms to understand their business needs
and layout of the chicken egg farm to help design an optimal solar system to provide long term low cost
energy and greater independence from the volatile energy market.

A ground mount system was preferred at a number of sites to avoid penetrating the roof sheeting on
the sheds and affecting the insulation which helps keeps the chicken sheds at the optimal temperature

Solar Choice offers independent advisory services, helping businesses make an informed decision on all
aspects of a solar project includes system design, product/technology solutions, solar installers and
operations and maintenance.

In total 1.7MW was installed in 2017 across 3 farms and will offset approximately 45% of Pace Farm’s
energy bill over the next 20 years delivering an attractive ROI.

For more information regarding poultry solar projects, visit our poultry solar page.



Jeff Sykes