Our approach to solar energy installations

To begin with, we don’t sell our own solar energy installations. Our goal is to help you find the solar energy system that best suits your individual needs, at the best price.

We listen to what your solar energy requirements are, and then do the following:

Assess your entitlement to the various Government solar cash-back schemes, including national rebates of up to $8,000 on your installation. Depending on which State or Territory you live in, you may also be entitled to rewards of up to 60c per kilowatt hour for electricity your solar system generates (around $1,500 per year for a standard 1,000 watt system).

Provide you with a choice of accredited and highly competent installers in your area (wherever you are in Australia), as well as a shortlist of the products they offer, and help you make your selection.

Arrange for the installer you’ve chosen to attend your property and provide a quote.

Because we provide a greater volume of work to our selected installers, we’re able to arrange a better price for your installation than if you dealt with them directly. The quote you are given will fully disclose your discount.

You don’t have to pay us anything. If you accept the quote, the installer pays Solar Choice for our efforts.

Call 1300 78 72 73, and let us source a great solar energy deal for you.

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