Solar installations – a short 101

There are two main types of solar installations. The first and most common system connects your solar energy system with the main electricity grid. This Grid Connect system allows you to feed energy back into the grid through your meter, and be financially rewarded for it by your energy company. See our Feed-In Rewards page.

The other is a ‘Stand-Alone’ system for remote properties where the cost of connecting to the main grid is prohibitive. The system charges a battery bank, which in turn is used to power a house. A generator is usually kept available to back up the battery system.

Solar Choice will provide you with a choice of accredited and highly competent installers in your area (wherever you are in Australia), as well as a shortlist of the products they offer, and help you make your selection.

The installer will then attend your premises, provide a quote for the job and commence the installation. The quote you are given will fully disclose your discount.

Installation of an average sized household system generally takes less than a day.

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