Simple Solar PV System Sizing & Payback Estimator

solar_choice_logo_finalsolar_choice_logo_finalWelcome to Solar Choice’s solar PV system sizing & payback estimator tool. Please follow the instructions below to get an idea of how much you could potentially save with a grid-connected solar system for your home.

Remember that all results are indicative only!

(Go to our solar & storage calculator home page or check out our solar (only) payback estimator tool.)

About using this calculator

  • Use the arrows on your keyboard to navigate from cell to cell
  • Only enter values into the WHITE CELLS. Some cells will allow you to enter a number, other cells will have a pull-down menu with two or more options.
  • If you accidentally change something in a non-white cell, you’ll need to refresh the page and start over
  • Results will update automatically after you’ve entered values into the white cells

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