Solar Support Plus – Taking PV system warranties to the next level

Benefits of solar support plusSolar panels have a standard expected lifespan of 25 years and inverters should last 5-10 years; both products have product warranties whose durations reflect this. In the unfortunate event that a solar system owner needs to file a warranty claim for a faulty panel or inverter, however, the system may produce less or no energy until it’s replaced.

Depending on the manufacturer – and whether they have a head office in Australia – in some cases getting a part replaced can take months. As a solar system owner, this could cost you money not only in terms of lost energy yields (which are generally not compensated), but also potentially in terms of costs – labour and shipping, among them.

In response to this, one company – Solar Support Plus – has introduced a more comprehensive warranty system that ensures that faulty parts are replaced quickly, efficiently, and at no cost to the solar system owner. The terms are fairly straightforward: Upon lodging a claim, you will receive contact within 48 hours, and the problem will be fixed or the faulty part replaced within 2 weeks.

The Solar Support Plus membership costs an initial one off fee $350 with a minimal yearly subscription for the duration of the product warranty. In the event of a fault, membership guarantees replacement of panels and inverters, provided that they are still under their manufacturer’s warranty. Anyone with a system less than 2 years old can potentially sign up and benefit.

Solar Support Plus works with all Clean Energy Council accredited solar panels and all of the most reputable inverter manufacturers in Australia – SMA, ABB/Power-One, SolarEdge, SolaX, Fronius, Solis, ZeverSolar, SunGrow and Kaco.

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