SolaX Power hybrid energy storage systems and batteries

SolaX Power, a subsidiary of the Suntellite Group, is a developer and manufacturer of energy management & energy storage technologies. The company offers an array of products for residential, commercial and industrial applications that include standard solar PV system inverters, hybrid inverters for systems with energy storage installed as well as batteries & battery cabinets.

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SolaX Power product range

Hybrid X Series: Inverters for grid-connected homes & businesses with energy storage

With solar feed-in tariff incentives having been reduced across the country, the mantra for going solar is now ‘self-consumption‘; getting the most out of a solar PV system means using as much of the power that it produces as possible and thereby reducing the need to purchase power from utilities. Energy storage, becoming more affordable than ever, is fast becoming one of the most attractive solutions to ensure that no kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar power is ‘wasted’ through export to the grid.  SolaX Power offers 2 hybrid inverter solutions for those interested in energy storage.

Solax energy storage self-consumptionHow energy storage enables greater self-consumption of solar electricity.

SolaX X Hybrid – A ‘hybrid-ready’ inverter that, when paired with a charger, by default automatically directs the flow of energy where it is needed most at the time: Electricity from the solar panel array is used first to power any appliances that are on, then to charge the system’s battery bank, which can be drawn upon at a later point in time when the sun is not shining. If the battery bank is fully charged, electricity will then be exported & ‘sold’ to the grid for credits on the owner’s power bill.

SolaX X Hybrid Plus – A device with the same functions as the above, with a dedicated SolaX charger attached.

Solar PV systems using inverters in the X Hybrid series differ from systems which utilise batteries on a ‘backup-only’ basis (conventionally referred to as ‘uninterruptible power supply’, or UPS) in the following ways:

1) Battery charge and discharge timing and duration are programmable by the system owner/operator;

2) minimum and maximum discharge power from the battery bank are similarly programmable;

3) the system can calculate the total consumption of household electrical appliances and direct electricity accordingly; and

4) thereby maximising savings on the power bill of the home by utilising electricity on ‘least cost’ priority basis (namely: solar panel array, battery, grid depending on the time of day and the customer’s metering/billing arrangement).

Download: SolaX X Hybrid series brochure and datasheet (pdf)

(See an interactive demo of how the system works.)

Solax Power Overview

Other SolaX products

In addition to its inverter products, SolaX also manufactures standard solar PV system inverters, including lithium-ion & lead acid batteries, as well as cabinets to house them.

Download: SolaX Product range full brochure (pdf)

Points of difference

-Reliability: Key components made or designed in the USA, Europe and Japan

-Efficiency: Maximises solar power utilisation and battery life through sophisticated charging module

-User-friendliness: Intelligent human-machine interface

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Solax Company info

Headquarters and manufacturing plants:

Research & Development Centre: Hangzhou Zhe Jiang University – Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

Sales & Manufacturing Facilities: Tonglu Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China

Australian service contact info: 

Phone: +61 3 9943 8988


Other locations: 

SolaX has offices in 10 countries worldwide: UK, Netherland, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China and South Africa, Jordan.

History in the industry: 

SolaX Power is a subsidiary of the Suntellite Group, which is owned By Zhejiang University. The university is ranked in the top 3 out of more than 600 universities in China and its history dates back to 1892; currently, it owns and runs 14 laboratories, 2 engineering research centers and 3 engineering technology centers throughout China. Over the past 8 years, SolaX’s market penetration has expanded into no less than 65 countries through over 100 global channels.

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Interactive demo: How the SolaX X Hybrid system works:


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