Solimpeks introduces new financing & distribution arrangement for solar hot water systems

Looking for ways to revitalize the Australian solar hot water market, Solimpeks Australia (who also manufacture hybrid solar PV / solar hot water modules) has introduced a 3-point, outside-the-box approach to distribution and financing for its evacuated tube solar hot water systems. The arrangement has been made in partnership with renewable energy certificate (REC) trading group Green Energy Trading.

The most innovative feature of the arrangement is the incorporation of STCs into the wholesale purchase cost of Solimpeks SHW technology, thereby reducing the paperwork and eliminating wait times associated associated with collecting the STC incentive after system commissioning. In doing so, Solimpeks becomes the first company in Australia to offer its products to installation companies ‘net of STCs’.The other components of the Solimpeks package are automated STC creation and processing (also made possible through Green Energy Trading) and dedicated financing options for solar hot water systems.

According to a press release from the company, “Solimpeks’ reason for releasing its products this way is to shake up the solar hot water market. It’s a space that has suffered from seemingly endless Federal attacks, and is further damaged by inherently high margins from within the industry.”

Those who are interested can learn more by contacting the company directly:

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