Sun MonitOZ’s hardware-free solar performance monitoring app launches in Australia

Sun MonitOZ, a hardware-free solar system performance monitoring app, has officially launched in Australia after its beta-testing phase. The web app, accessible via a computer or any mobile device, allows users to easily determine if their system is performing as well as it should be and–if not–to quickly troubleshoot problems.

Australian homes and businesses switch on solar primarily to save money. When a system performs less than optimally, the lost solar savings can quickly add up. Being aware of a system’s overall health on an ongoing basis can help to mitigate any unpleasant surprises when the next quarterly power bill arrives.

Instead of tapping into a solar system’s inverter, panels or wiring to determine whether an issue exists, the app works by comparing anticipated solar system output (based on climate, location and weather data collected via satellite) against actual system output (based on readings from the system’s inverter). If the difference between the two is too great, Sun MonitOZ will inform the user that there may be a problem and suggest avenues for rectifying it.

The promotional video below explains how it works in more detail.

Solar Choice, as one of the most heavily-trafficked solar information portals in Australia, regularly receives questions from solar system owners who are concerned about whether their system’s output is what it should be. Sun MonitOZ promises to give clear, simple answers to anyone in this situation. It will also undoubtedly allow an even greater number of its users to feel at ease by affirming for them that their system is indeed in good working order.

Sun MonitOZ subscriptions start at $6/mo (annual membership paid up-front). Customers who sign up before 31 December 2014 will receive the first two months free under a special introductory offer.

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