Sunport “MWT” solar panels launch in Australia

Sunport Power introduced their Metal Wrap Through (MWT) technology to the hundreds of attending Australian retailers and installers at the recent Game Changers event in Sydney. The MWT modules were built in a way that overshadows current solar panels within the Australian market in terms of efficiency. MWT means metal wrap through technology which abandoned the traditional solder ribbon design, however creating conductive backsheet interconnection structure, avoiding welding stress and induced cell crack in long term.

Sunport Power is making breakthroughs in the back contact PV products, promoting the photovoltaic industry from the level of conventional technology to the field of high efficiency but affordable technology. The Solar Panel also offers a power generation warranty backed by Lloyds and PICC for 30 years matching the length of Trina Solar’s Duomax panel. Sunport Power has established three major manufacturing bases, covering the backsheet, solar cell and module production with a current capacity of 1.4GW.

Martin Green, UNSW professor and the Chief Scientific Officer of Sunport Power, explained that MWT technology allows more efficient current collection from the front side of the cell through to the back of the module. As the result, MWT module provides higher power and better reliability, the efficiency ranges from 18% to 21%. Sunport Power’s modules have passed various testing through the TUV NORD, CQC and CGC etc. third-party certification authorities. Prof. Green mentioned, “By MWT back contact, the solar cells are interconnected and had particular advantages in terms of the stress you get when bending a module”.

The solar panel’s price in the Australian market is speculated that the MWT modules will sit between mid-range to premium level, the product is already available in the market from some of the major wholesale companies.

Jeff Sykes


  1. Solar panels remains as an excellent option to produce and utilize electricity. The latest MWT solar panels launched by Sunport comes with several features. The entire blog is interesting. I wish to see the design and functions of this latest system. The price of this model is also expected to be reasonable when compared to other models.

  2. Hello, I really liked this panel. Recent years for our wallets have resulted in a sharp increase in utility costs. A particularly tangible blow was for the owners of country houses and cottages with permanent residence. Indeed, as you know, the unit cost of electricity and gas is growing along with the volume of their costs. Thus, we get a hint “spend half as much – pay four times less” as a result of which more and more people are installing solar panels for themselves, supplementing them with the use of energy-saving technologies. Good luck!

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