Victoria to get serious about Solar Power!

Victoria is a state that is blessed with great wind sites and currently has 300 megawatts of wind power in operation. With a further 1000 megawatts of wind being approved by the respective authorities one would think that the state of Victoria is seeking to meet its renewable energy target through wind alone, however that is not the case!

Recently, Premier John Brumby announced that five per cent of the state’s electricity would come from solar power by 2020, through incentives encouraging industrial solar power stations and medium-sized commercial installations in places such as the roofs of shopping centers.

This bold move has been lauded by the chief of the Clean Energy Council as it will bring jobs in regional Victoria, develop emerging industries and help reduce the state’s greenhouse emissions.

Initiatives like this should help to make Victoria a preferred destination for clean energy investors and help companies gain the foothold they need in the Australian market to start generating solar energy at the lowest cost.

Written by Prateek Chourdia

MEngSc – Photovoltaics and Solar Energy, UNSW

Solar Energy Analyst

Solar Choice

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  1. I wish to have a wind turbine for my electrical needs and also feed what I don’t use to the grid. I am on 11 acres on a hill and I get plenty of wind and my question is, does our government encourage this clean energy and provide the same grant for wind as it does for solar. If so who can help me with the supply and installation of a wind turbine inconjunction with solar panels to help our environment.

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