Walnut Energy: Battery solutions for commercial, industrial & grid-scale applications

Walnut Energy is an Australian developer of containerised battery storage solutions for medium to large-scale commercial and industrial premises – not to mention power plants and microgrids. Their battery storage products can be deployed in on-grid, edge-of-grid and off-grid applications to deliver a range of capabilities which include storing energy, providing black out protection, voltage and frequency regulation and more.. The company is closely partnered with Narada, one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world.

On the hardware side, Walnut Energy’s products can be sourced as both turn-key solutions (including inverters, management systems and monitoring functionality) as well as more modular ‘core modules’ (with inverters, management and switch gear to be provided by third parties). The company can be engaged as a simple hardware provider or as both the provider and long-time servicer of the products delivered.

Walnut Energy’s 10-foot ‘Core’ module with 330kWh of storage.

Battery technology

Walnut Energy’s storage solutions incorporate lead carbon and lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries from Narada, one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. Depending on the application, demands and budget of a site/client, Walnut Energy is able to ‘balance’ the lead carbon/LiFePO4 battery ratio to deliver optimum value and performance.

   Lead carbon  LiFePO4
 Power output  Lower Higher
Tolerance to deep discharge Lower Higher
Cost Lower Higher
Cycle life  Similar Similar
 Performance at partial states of charge (PSOC) Higher Lower
 Energy density Lower Higher

Unit sizes

10-foot container

  • 80-336kWh storage capacity
  • Single/three-phase
  • Up to 112kVA nominal power output

20-foot container

  • 80-672kWh storage capacity
  • Three phase
  • Up to 500kVA nominal power output

40-foot container

  • 400kWh-1.38MWh storage capacity
  • Three phase
  • Up to 1,000kVA


On-grid Edge of grid Off-grid
 Power support Blackout protection Perfect combination with renewable energy
Load shaving, time of use and demand side management Automatic switching between grid and off-grid Fully grid forming
Peak load supply management Additional Power supply Communication with generators and PV
Optimise your self-consumption Voltage optimisation Reduce your need for diesel
Blackout protection Improved Power quality and stability


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Tom Kuiper, General Manager – info@walnutenergy.com.au

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