Create clean drinking water from thin air!

AWG Drinking Water Cooler

With water scarcity increasing and and quality decreasing  the global demand for clean drinking water is expected to exceed supply by 40% in just eight years, innovative solutions are imperative. One of these exists in atmospheric water generation (AWG). 

How does atmospheric water generation work?

Atmospheric water generation (AWG) is an infrastructure-free, renewable drinking water solution that extracts pure water vapor from the air around you through a condensation process. The humidity in the air is cooled and desorbed and then becomes pure water at the point of interaction.

This eliminates the need for ground water, bottled water or town water thats pumped  through KM’s of old piping, thus alleviating the risk of contamination, plastic waste and bad tasting dirty water.


The importance of clean water

Clean water is a scarce resource. Public drinking water contains up to 90 known contaminants and our daily water supply is experiencing increased risk of contamination from viruses, aging infrastructure, pollution, microplastics and the over-mineralisation of pumping ground or river water. Climate change for example has made natural disasters such as fires, droughts  and cyclones more frequent, which are causing pipe erosion, cracks and again, contamination.  

As atmospheric water generators create water from air, no heavy metals, micro plastics  or pesticide traces exist in the end product. This suggests that AWG technology could be a solution that can  help solve longer-term supply issues and replace bottled and filtered water. 


Aquaria Water

Sydney-based company Aquaria Water have produced a device that can be dropped into a home or office space that can produce drinking water. Aquaria’s 20L unit can produce 5-20 litres of water per day, operating under temperatures of between 15 – 45 degrees Celsius and humidity of between 30 – 100%. Other Aquaria solutions can produce up to 1,000L of clean drinking water a day.

Available online, Aquaria’s generators require no plumbing or installation and can produce hot, cold or ambient water. 

Jeff Sykes